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All Class 3x  a week
Limit: 3 classes per Week
Programs: Bulldog Burn, CrossFit, Holiday WOD, Yoga
LocationsBeaverton Strength and Conditioning
Bulldog Burn Monthly Unlimited
Whether your goal is to get a great workout, clear your mind, be social or get competitive, Bulldog Burn will keep you engaged and motivated. Each one-hour class is broken up into a warm up, three different training segments and a cool down. The segments will change daily, keeping your workouts fresh and exciting EVERY SINGLE TIME! All you have to do is show up and leave the rest to our amazing certified coaches.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Bulldog Burn, Holiday WOD, Yoga
LocationsBeaverton Strength and Conditioning
Are you ready to tackle your fitness goals?  Are you ready for some fun and challenging workouts in a supportive group setting?  Then you don’t want to miss out on our BURN & BUILD IN 2020 6 WEEK SPECIAL!

 For just $135, you'll receive the following:
• 6 Weeks Unlimited Bulldog Burn workouts designed to torch calories and build muscle!
• 2 complimentary InBody scans so you can track your body composition progress.
• MyZone Belt available during this time for only $75. Track your effort in real time!
• Complimentary Bulldog Burn Tank or Tee (limited to stock on hand).

If you're ready to get fit, click HERE to secure your spot! 

This special membership price is for NEW MEMBERS ONLY and does not include CrossFit.  BURN &  BUILD I 2020 6 WEEK SPECIAL is available for purchase 1.6.19 - 2.3.19.  Must start 6 week membership by 2.3.19.

Check out our Bulldog Burn  schedule HERE!  Questions? Email

Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Bulldog Burn, Holiday WOD
LocationsBeaverton Strength and Conditioning
CrossFit - Unlimited
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: CrossFit, Holiday WOD, Yoga
LocationsBeaverton Strength and Conditioning
From $155.00
CrossFit/Burn Unlimited
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Bulldog Burn, CrossFit, Holiday WOD, Yoga
LocationsBeaverton Strength and Conditioning
From $165.00
Jesuit LaCrosse Pre-Season Conditioning 1/20-2/12 - 8 sessions
Classes will be held Monday & Wednesday from 8:00-9:00 PM- Jan 20th thru Feb 12th

Training leading up to the start of any sports season is critical to an athlete’s success. Athletes who neglect off-season training put tremendous strain on their bodies once practices start, making injuries more likely.
The ultimate goal of a successful and safe pre-season program is preventing injury while bringing the athlete to peak performance level. We will focus on stabilization, core exercises and lower intensity conditioning for the first few sessions. Then we will progress to improving cardiovascular conditioning. As we progress, intensity will increase relative to the athlete’s conditioning and capability. 

Athletes will work on ALL of the following competencies of fitness:
• Cardiovascular endurance
• Stamina
• Strength
• Power
• Speed
• Agility
• Balance
• Coordination
• Accuracy
• Flexibility
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Team Training
LocationsBeaverton Strength and Conditioning
Teen Monthly Unlimited - All Programs
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Bulldog Burn, CrossFit, Teen Program, Yoga
LocationsBeaverton Strength and Conditioning